Features of Delta HMI/MMI

PLC serial drives
We support
more over twenty brands, including Delta, Omron, Siemens, Mitsubishi, etc. For
new PLC, we will provide corresponding communication protocol on our website
for upgrade to meet your requirement. (All other trademarks in this manual are
property of their respective companies.)
support for screen editor
Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English these three languages,
screen editor also provides those fonts that Windows® uses.
Quick execution and
communication macro
It can
handle complicated calculation by executing macro. User can also write
communication protocol with communication macro command to connect specific system
via COM port.
Rapidly USB
It will
shorten upload/download time by using USB Ver1.1.
It provides
useful recipe editor that is similar to Microsoft excel for user to edit recipe
easily and input multiple recipes simultaneously (size limit is 64K). When
downloading multiple recipes at the same time, it can exchange by internal
memory of HMI. If data has finished editing when downloading, you can download
recipe individually.
Support two different
PLCs connections
Built-in 2
COM ports to connect two different controllers or two same controllers
Support multiple PLCs
multiple controllers in serial by using COM2 of RS485. (Note: controller should
provide RS485 interface)
On-line Simulation
finishing editing, it can simulate on PC by connecting controller to see if it
is correct.
Off-line Simulation
finishing editing, it can simulate on PC directly (without connecting controller)
to see if it is correct.
Using SMC Card to
backup data
It is not
necessary to use PC to download by using SMC card to backup or insert SMC card
to another HMI to copy data. History list and alarm message can be also saved
in SMC card and user can read these files by card reader for collecting data
and printing.
Multiple Security
It provides
passwords to protect designer’s intellectual property rights and also for user
to set user priority for important component.

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