Proficy HMI/SCADA Cimplicity 8.1

GE Intelligent Platforms is pleased to announce the
availability of CIMPLICITY Version 8.1, the latest addition to our family of
HMI/SCADA products. Version 8.1 maximizes the power of your
information with new innovative for both the development and runtime
  • Change Approval/eSignature – Achieve regulatory compliance, avoid regulatory
    penalties and conform with good manufacturing practices by using the new
    change approval feature. This feature delivers an audit trail, approval
    before operating, multi-signature and commenting capabilities.

  • Alarm variable association –   CIMPLICITY 8.1 brings a new ability to easily log up to
    6 additional points when an alarm occurs or changes state. This
    information can be easily viewed in the A&E table and in the
    historical alarm viewer which enables instant analytics for quick operator

  • More flexible classes – 8.1 introduces enhancements that enable more flexible
    classes which speed new product development and lower the total cost of
    maintaining large scale systems. Classes improvements include:
  •   Data item fields can be configured through class attributes
    using expressions
  •   Data items (points) can be optional in the object instance
  •   Post Object Create script to do advanced programmatic
    configuration of objects as they are created
  Flexible Historian tag naming to facilitate integration with
systems using older historian collectors

  • New OS Support –
    Microsoft Windows 7 & SQL Server 2008 & Proficy Historian 3.5
    support.Existing support for Microsoft® Vista SP1, SQL 2005, Windows XP,
    Windows Server 2008 (32bit) and Windows Server 2003.
  • Alarm Delays Alarm
    delays for analog points can be configured per alarm limit.
  • Digital Graphic Replay DGR 2.1 can set it up to 100x and point attributes can
    now be available in playback mode.
  • Updated Graphic Objects – New button styles that can match the native OS button
    styles & graphics enhancements such as rounded rectangles, new
    pipe shading styles, drop shadows/ or glow effects.
  • Animated GIF – Animated
    gif support with variable playback speed governed by expression.
  • Navigation – Built
    in panning support using the mouse center wheel button

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