Addressing of Mitsubishi PLC FX2N

Addressing of Mitsubishi  PLC FX2N
Digital Input
X0-X7…. Octal System i.e. (X0 To X7,X10 to X17 )
Digital Output
Y0-Y7… Octal System i.e. (Y0 To Y7,Y10 to Y17 )
Analog Input
Need To Read Control Register using
“From” Instruction
Analog Output
Need To Write Control
Register using “To” Instruction

T0 to T255
For Timers : Time Delay = Time Base *
Time Done Bit : Tx
Where X is address of Timer used.
 C0 to C234
For Counter:  Preset is number of
Counter Done Bit : Cx        
Present value of Counter :Cx
Where X is address of counter used.
D0 to D7999(D200 to D7999 Retentive)
Auxiliary Relay    
M0 to M3071 (M500 to M3071 Retentive)
Programming Software : GxDeveloper
Driver For Programming:  Melsec

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