RSLinx Tutorial | Configuring the DF1 Driver

Tutorial | Configuring the DF1 Driver

The DF1 Driver is used for point to point communication over RS232
between a COM port on a PC, and the serial port (Channel 0) of a
processor.  The following steps will take
you through a sample configuration of the DF1 RS232 driver.
1)                     Open RSLinx Communication Server. 
If there is no short-cut on the desktop, you can access RSLinx by
clicking Start | Programs | Rockwell Software | RSLinx | RSLinx.
Click ‘Communication’ on the menu bar, then choose ‘Configure Drivers’.
3)                      From the Available Driver Types pull down menu, choose ‘RS232 DF1
Devices’, then press the ADD NEW button.
For this example, the name can be left at default.  Press OK.
Although the communication parameters can be entered manually, if
you are currently connected to the processor, just hit the ‘AutoConfigure’
button.  RSLinx will hit the processor
with different baud rates, and different settings, until it finds a setting it
gets a response on.  When this happens,
you will get a message that the autoconfiguration was successful.  Press OK when finished.
You will see the driver is now running.  Close the “Configure Drivers’ screen.
To test your drivers, click the RSWho icon in the tool bar of
8)                  Click the DF1 driver (the one you just configured) on the left
side of your screen.  The devices you are
communicating with will appear on the right.
To go on line, you must go to
RSLogix at this point.

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