Networking Basic for PLC Engineer

Basic for PLC Engineer

the world of computers, networking id the theory of connecting 2 or more
computing devices together for the purpose of sharing important data. Networks
are built with mix of hardware & software.
Networks are categories into

  1.      Peer to Peer
  2.      Client Server Networks
has developed different communication standards which are summarized in
following table.

IEEE 802 Standards



is medium through which information usually moves from one network device to
another. There are several types of cables used in networks.

Guidelines for Installing Cables

 When running cable , it is best to follow few basic rules:

  •  Always use more cable than you need. Leave plenty of slack
  • Test every part of a network as you install it. Even if it is a
    brand new, it may have problems that will be difficult to isolate later.
  •  Stay at least 3 feet away from fluorescent light boxes and other sources
    of electrical interference.
  • If it is necessary to run cables across the floor , cover the
    cable with cable protectors.
  • Label both ends of each cable
  • Use cable ties (not tape) to keep cables in the same location together.

Widely used
Industrial Automation Networks

Wireless LAN

all networks are connected with cabling; some networks are wireless. Wireless
LANs use high frequency radio signals.

What is Wi-Fi?

form of “Wireless Fidelity “.A term for certain types of wireless local area
networks (WLAN) that use specification confirming to IEEE 802.11 or a limited
range wireless networking protocol based on the 802.11 family of standards;
uses spectrum in the 2.4 GHz range to exchange data at broadband speeds.
has gained acceptance in many environments as an alternative to a wired LAN
Many airports, hotels offers public access to Wi-Fi networks.

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