Siemens S7PLC configuration in TIA Portal Software

Siemens S7PLC configuration in TIA Portal Software

For the SIEMENS PLC we have TIA
(Totally Integration Automation V13) software for programming of PLC. SIMATIC
STEP 7 in the TIA Portal – the engineering system in the Totally Integrated
Automation Portal With SIMATIC STEP 7 in the TIA Portal, users can configure,
program, test, and diagnose all modular and PC-based SIMATIC controllers

 We have TIA V13 version and its integration of
below 3 software.
1.      Step 7
for SIMATIC series PLC programming
2.      WinCC
Professional for SCADA , HMI programming and designing
Start Drive for SIEMENS G120 series AC-DC Drive
Here we will see how TIA
software look like and features of TIA , how to configure PLC with TIA
So here
is the first view of TIA when we open TIA in PC from the TIA Icon.
TIA has
two type of View.
  •          Portal View
  •          Project View

Basic provides a user-friendly environment to develop controller logic,
configure HMI visualization, and setup network communication. To help increase
your productivity, STEP 7 Basic provides two different views of the project: a
task-oriented set of portals that are organized on the functionality of the
tools (Portal view), or a project-oriented view of the elements within the
project (Project view). Choose which view helps you work most efficiently. With
a single click, you can toggle between the Portal view and the Project view.

Portal view provides a functional view of the project tasks and organizes the
tools according to the tasks to be accomplished. You can easily determine how
to proceed and which task to choose.

Portals for the different tasks
Tasks for the selected portal
Selection panel for the selected action
Changes to the Project view
Project view provides access to all of the components within a project.
Menus and toolbar
Project navigator
3. Work
4. Task
Inspector window
Changes to the Portal view
Editor bar
So here
is first portal view of TIA.

Now we
will create the first project in TIA. So the view will be like as below.
there are multiple options available from there we will go for Open the Project View.

So now
we are switching from Portal view to Project View. From the project view we
will do hardware configuration, networking and programming of devices.

Now in
project view we will do first hardware configuration of the PLC Controller, so
we will go to Device from Project Tree and then click on Add new Device.
Project Tree / Device / Add new Device

So the
window will open and from there you need to go for Controller, so you will find
many controller series from there select the exactly controller series and
model which you have available.

For the
controller model and series no details you can find on PLC body as below.

So here
we have S7-1200/CPU 1214C AC/DC/Rly /
6ES7 214-1BG40-0XB0

click on 6ES7 214-1BG40-0XB0 you
will find Controller PLC image right side and technical description below side.

select OK with confirming exactly
PLC controller. So we will get Device View in TIA portal as below image.

the device view you will get all PLC hardware information like how many modules
can be connected with this PLC from the rack of PLC.

So see
image in this PLC we can connect max 8
IO modules
right side of PLC and max 3
communication module
left side of PLC.

from the Properties of PLC you will
get an Option General and then go to
Ethernet Address of PLC.

S7-1200 PLC has Ethernet port for
the communication so we will check IP
of PLC and programing PG/PC IP address for communication.

set IP address of PLC and PC , we will download the PLC hardware from TIA to
PLC. Means we are doing Hardware configuration first. 

Please find the below image in which you will
get an Option Download to Device
from Top side of TIA.

click on Download Option, one window will open as below.

So in
this window we will set Type of PG/PC
as PN/IE.
PG/PC Interface: Intel (R) Ethernet
Communication I217-LM (Ethernet Driver)
tick On Show all compatible Device

click on Start Search button and
connected PLC device will be shown on box.
that PLC and click on Load Button.
Give OK while loading is going on.

Successfully hardware configuration, we will go for programming of PLC , so
first we should know about Input and Output addressing of the PLC which is

So from
the PLC Properties IO Tags option is available, from IO Tags you will get addressing
range of PLC.

Symbolic and absolute addressing
global tags (such as, inputs, outputs, memory bits) have both an absolute and a
symbolic address. You can define which is to be displayed or with which is to
be programmed (see slide).
you use a symbolic address (for example, “M_Jog_RIGHT”) to which an
absolute address has not yet been assigned, you can save the block but you
cannot compile and download it into the controller.

you use an absolute address (for example, M16.2), it is automatically assigned
a symbolic standard address (for example, “Tag_1”) which you can
So for
S7-1200 PLC starting digital Input address is I0.0 and output address is Q0.0
Input starting is IW64 and Output QW64.

Now we
will Open Program Block Main OB as
shown in Fig and we will find Network
like this, from Network widow we can take NO/NC contact, output
relay coil and many other instructions from Instructions Window.

Just Check Below video for  Siemens PLC SCADA HMI Pogramming & hardware Configuration 

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