Installation of Wonderware Intouch Step by Step

Installation of Wonderware Intouch Step
by Step

When you
start the install process, if you don’t have Microsoft .NET Framework
installed, the InTouch installation process installs it for you. After
Microsoft .NET Framework is installed, InTouch is installed using the process
described below.

To install

  1. Insert the InTouch CD
    into the CD-ROM drive. Installation will start automatically.
Note At any time during the installation, you can click Back
to return to previous dialog boxes in order to modify your selections. Also,
you can stop the installation routine at any time by clicking Cancel. If
you do so, you will be prompted to resume installation or exit completely.

  1. In the Welcome
    dialog box (see image below), click Next.
  1. In the License
    dialog box (see image below), select I accept the License
    and click Next to continue. You can also print the
    License Agreement by clicking Print License.
  1. In the Select Features and Destination Folder dialog box (see
    image below), select the components you want to install. By default, only
    InTouch Runtime and InTouch Development are selected for installation.
    Click Browse to change the location where InTouch will be
    installed, click Disk Cost to determine if you have enough disk
    space on the selected installed path or click Reset to restore
    default selections. Click Next to continue. Also, click Installation
    to open the installation instructions.
  1. The Prerequisites
    dialog box opens next if your system has a newer version of
    the prerequisite software installed (see image below). Click Next
    to continue.
Note If you did not install Microsoft .NET Framework at the
beginning, you are prompted to install it now. You cannot continue until it is

  1. In the User Name
    and Password
    dialog box (see image below), enter the appropriate data
    and click Next to continue. For more information, see User
    Name and Password Dialog Box
Note The User Name and Password dialog box may not
appear if you already installed an ArchestrA-based product from Wonderware. For
more information about user names and passwords in your ArchestrA-based
product, see the product manuals that came with the other product.
  1. In the Ready to
    Install Wonderware InTouch
    dialog box (see image below) review the
    features and software that will be installed. Click Back to return
    to a previous dialog box and change the selected features or click Next
    to continue. The Updating System dialog box (see second image
    below), which shows the progress status of the installation, is displayed
    and setup begins copying files and making appropriate configuration
    adjustments to your PC.
  1. After InTouch has been
    successfully installed on your system, the Installation Complete
    dialog box (see image below) is displayed. Click Finish to conclude
    installation. Use the View Readme checkbox as desired.
Tip It is recommended that you view the Readme file for
important related information on this product.

Note If you plan to use this computer as an Alarms database
server, you must install Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SP3 or later on your
computer or, as a minimum requirement, install Microsoft SQL Server Desktop
Engine (MSDE).

Note When you
install InTouch after having uninstalled an older version of InTouch, you may
be prompted to restart your system.

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