AC Drive training cource

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A.C. Drives Course
 ·        Introduction to A. C. Drives.
·        Selection criteria of drives for particular application i.e.  Speed /torque characteristics etc.
·        Configuration of different motor parameters for drives i.e.
     Speed and torque control
     types of braking
     ramp selection
     Jog/ Inch selection
     flux optimization
     no. of poles
     load equalization
     selection of slip and skip frequencies
     preset speed selection
     RPM etc.
·        Remote and local operation of A. C. drives
·        Communication with PLC, MMI, SCADA software
·        Study of different operational methods like
  •      PWM method
  •      Flux vector control
  •      Vector voltage control
  •      Direct torque control etc. on which Variable speed drives work.
·        Troubleshooting
·        Case study and different applications of Drives in the Industry.

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