Analog Signal Interface with Mitsubishi PLC FX5U PLC complete Tutorial

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Analog Signal Interface with Mitsubishi PLC FX5U PLC complete Tutorial


Steps for Analog Signal Interface with Mitsubishi PLC


1) Set up and use ADC to convert analog input to digital value

2) Verify the Working by using potentiometer

PLC Hardware:

1) Mitsubishi FX5U PLC

2) 10V SMPS

3) 47K Ohm Potentiometer

4) Connecting Cables

Software Required:

1) GX Works3 (Version 1.054G)

PLC Wiring Diagram :



1) Start the GX Works 3, and create new project.



2) In the left navigation panel expand options as follows:

Project > Parameter > FX5UCPU > Module Parameter > Analog Input.



In the basic Setting window of A/D conversion, Change Enable/Disable settings to ‘Enable’ for Channel 1 (CH1).

3) Open A/D conversion method and set average processing specification to ‘Sampling Processing’.




4) Click the Check button, and the No Error Found Dialogue should pop up. If so, Click Apply and proceed further. If no, click Restore Default Settings and Set up again.



5) Now add following register to  watch window

SD6020 > CH1 Digital Output Value

SD6022 > Analog Voltage Input Monitor

SD6026 > Maximum Value

SD6027 > Minimum Value


6) Observe the change by rotating potentiometer


We understood the working and using built in ADC in Mitsubishi FX5U PLC, and we interfaced analog input signal and verified the obtained value. PLC Ladder Programming


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