Armor PowerfFlex Drive is a new on-machine drive from Rockwell Automation

Armor PowerFlex is a new on-machine drive from Rockwell Automation

On-machine drives from PowerFlex assist minimise design time, speed deployments, and save money.

Armor PowerfFlex Drive is a new on-machine drive from Rockwell Automation
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The Allen-Bradley Armor PowerFlex AC variable frequency drives for industrial motor control applications have been released by Rockwell Automation, Inc. (NYSE: ROK), the world’s biggest company committed to industrial automation and digital transformation. On-machine drives allow for easier installation, commissioning, and maintenance planning.

The Armor PowerFlex drives, as an on-machine solution, relocate controls and hardware from a cabinet to the machine, bringing them closer to the application. This can aid industrial enterprises in simplifying machine designs and reducing deployment costs and time. The drives are also made for tough settings, where saving time and money on installation is crucial.

The smart drives have an inbuilt EtherNet/IP dual-port switch that allows for real-time data collecting. The SSDs also keep track of component life, allowing customers to anticipate and schedule component replacements, avoiding costly unplanned downtime.

“With the new Armor PowerFlex drives, manufacturers can expect more efficiency and productivity than with competing options on the market,” stated Joe Azzolina, worldwide product manager, Rockwell Automation. “Armor PowerFlex drives can shorten the machine lifecycle by reducing time-consuming chores.” As part of a decentralised, zero-cabinet design concept, they can also assist users in achieving higher profitability.”

The Armor PowerFlex drives are a motor control solution that may be used to replace many components in automation systems. Standard and safety models of the drives are offered. Both options have dual-port EtherNet/IP and CIP Security capability, with the safety option adding additional safety features.

The drive’s safety model is intended for applications requiring functional safety. It features integrated and hardwired safe-torque-off (STO) or safe-stop-1 (SS1) safety capabilities, as well as integrated CIP Safety. No external safety monitoring or control components are required with integrated STO or SS1. The Armor PowerFlex drive can also be used with Allen-Bradley GuardLogix PLCs and encoders to provide enhanced safe-speed functionality.

The Armor PowerFlex drive is CIP Security enabled, which helps to improve cybersecurity in industrial operations. CIP Security helps to strengthen a control system by ensuring data integrity, validity, and confidentiality. This reduces the chance of someone accessing a network remotely and acting maliciously.