Basic PLC Ladder Programming Examples 16

Basic PLC Ladder Programming Examples 16

Basic PLC Ladder Programming Training Examples for Beginners.

Hi friends here we are starting here a series of Free Training on PLC Ladder Programming training & tutorials. These PLC Ladder Programs are important to get basics of Ladder programs.

PLC Ladder Practice Problem: 

When Start Push Button is Pressed the Motor will turn ON .When Start Push Button is Released Motor will Remain Turn ON When Stop Push Button is Pressed will Turn OFF. If Motor will Not Turn on if Error Signal from Motor Comes. IF Motor is off and Test Push Button is Pressed then Motor will Remain on , If Test Push Button is Released Motor Will Turn OFF (Inch Operation).

    Topics Covered in this example is Conditional Contacts ,SCAN Cycle Ladder Program.

    Number of PLC Inputs Required

X0 – START pushbutton to Start Motor
X1 – STOP pushbutton to Stop Motor
X2 – TEST Push Button to Test Motor

Number of PLC Outputs Required

Y0 – Motor

PLC Ladder Programming:


PLC Ladder Programming Description:
  • This program is a typical application of the conditional control circuit. Y0 = ON when START button is pressed. Y0 will remain ON due to contact of Y0 used below START X0 Contact. IF Stop Push Button Pressed Y0 will be Off.
  • For Test Button to Work Properly we need to add a rung no 2 as shown in above fig. This will create one scan cycle difference and will not latch Y0.
Note: Example is only for training purposes. No practical implementation is done. See More PLC Ladder Programming Examples

PLC Ladder Programming Example 1


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