Difference between Delta PLC EH2 series and EH3

Difference between Delta PLC EH2 series and EH3

  • The capacity of the Ladder program is upgraded to 30k Steps, and the number of D devices is increased to 12000.

· The capacity of the memory card has doubled. To prevent the wrong insertion, the new memory card and the old one are not interchangeable

· Some function cards of DVP-EH2 PLC can not be used in DVP-EH3. The function cards which can be used are all communication cards, 02AD card and 02DA card.

· When the position of the basic instruction is below 16k Step, the execution speed does not make any change.

· When its position is above 16k Step, the execution speed becomes 2.8μs.

· The execution speed of MOV instruction is improved to 4.8μs, and that of other application instructions is also improved by 4~5 times.

· The high-speed input/output functions of DVP-EH3 PLC.

Difference between Delta PLC EH2 series and EH3
Difference between Delta PLC EH2 series and EH3
  1. The number of external input interruptions is 16.
  2. There are 3 sets of masking functions of the interruption.
  3. Newly added CSFO instruction has the speed-tracing function and can be used with the manual pulse generator.  
  4. Newly added DVSPO and DICF instructions have various speed-changing functions. (Please refer to API 198 and API 199.)
  5. The zero return instruction (DZRN) has the function of detecting limit switches, stopping at the positive position, seeking Z phase, and outputting the displacement. (Please refer to API 156.)
  6. The direction outputs of DZRN instruction are used with Y1, Y3, Y5, and Y7. (Please refer to API 156.)
  7. That special M can set the start and reset functions of C235~C240 is cancelled. The bandwidth of C235~C240can be up to 10 KHz.

Other new functions of DVP-EH3 Series PLC

A.COM1 card and COM3 card can be masters. COM3 is an independent communication port which does not occupy COM2. The flag of the transmitting function in the master is the same as that in DVP-ES2.
B. The solar energy instructions DSPA and GPS instruction are added. (Please refer to API 177 and API 178)
C. We add the m servo convenience instruction ASDRW. (Please refer to API 206.)
D. The program can be automatically backed up, and will not disappear even if the battery has run down.
E. The second-backup function can store the second program and data. 
F. We add the basic instructions which are used exclusively for words. For example, BLD, BOUT, and etc.(Please refer to API 266~274)
G. The comparison instruction of the floating point number (FLD>=….).is added. (Please refer to API 275~292)
H.M1356 can be used in PLC-LINK to designate the station numbers. Only when M1353 is on can D1900~D1931 be used.
I. ISPSoft and WPLSoft can set the read-only function of the communication and function of downloading the program.
J. It can connect with at most 12 right-side analog extension modules.

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