Features of Delta PLC

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  •  Ladder ,SFC ,Instruction Languages
  •  PC Based Programming
  •  Ready to use Configuration.
  •  Programming and operating software’s.
  •  Soft copy of PLC introduction and Tutorials.
  •  Choice of PLC and expansion module.
  •  Expandable input/ output.
  •  Experiment with Switches, LED’s
  •  Built-in DC power supplies.(SMPS)
  •  Ready experiments.
  •  Operating Manual
  •  Compact size.
  •  Application software for stepper motor control, Ac motor control Level control & elevator control.
List of Experiment that can be performed.
  • Simple Input Output Simulation
  •  Timer and Counters (Step Sequence)
  • Logic Gate Simulation
  • Relay Simulation
  • Traffic Light Simulator
  •  Stepper Motor Interfacing
  •  Elevator control.
  •  Ac motor interfacing

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