Major PLC manufacturers and PLC Software’s List

PLCs (programmable logic controllers) are available from a wide variety of manufacturers and can be programmed with a variety of different software packages that have been developed for them. The following is a list of some of the major manufacturers of PLCs and the software that they offer for programming their PLCs:

  1. With regards to Siemens, Siemens is a global company that manufactures a wide range of PLCs as well as software for configuring and programming them. A number of software products are offered by Siemens for the programming of PLCs, including TIA Portal, SIMATIC Step 7, and SIMATIC S7-1200.
  2. ROCKWELL AUTOMATION: Rockwell Automation is a global company that provides industrial automation and information solutions to customers worldwide. They offer a range of PLCs and software for programming and configuring their PLCs, including Rockwell Software Studio 5000, Rockwell Automation Logix Designer, and Rockwell Automation Arena.
  3. There is no doubt that Schneider Electric is the world leader in energy management and automation solutions. In addition to PLCs and software used for programming and configuring them, Schneider Electric offers a range of PLCs and software including Unity Pro, Schneider Electric SoMachine, and Schneider Electric Vijeo Citect.
  4. There are many multinational companies that specialize in automation and power technologies, but ABB is one of the leading ones. The company offers a range of PLCs, as well as software that can be used to program and configure their PLCs. This includes ABB Freelance, ABB AC500, and ABB Control Builder, among others.
  5. Honeywell Corporation is a global technology company that offers aerospace, building technologies, performance materials, safety and productivity solutions. With Honeywell Experion, Honeywell ControlEdge, and Honeywell UniSim, they offer a range of PLCs and software to program and configure their PLCs.

There are many PLC manufacturers and software products on the market. These are just a few examples. Depending on your requirements and the capabilities of the software and PLC that you select, you will need to make the best choice for your project.

Here is a list of PLC manufacturers:

  1. Siemens
  2. Rockwell Automation
  3. Schneider Electric
  4. ABB
  5. Honeywell
  6. Omron
  7. Mitsubishi Electric
  8. GE Industrial
  9. Beckhoff
  10. Yokogawa

And here is a list of PLC software products that can be used to program PLCs:

  1. TIA Portal (Siemens)
  2. SIMATIC Step 7 (Siemens)
  3. SIMATIC S7-1200 (Siemens)
  4. Rockwell Software Studio 5000 (Rockwell Automation)
  5. Rockwell Automation Logix Designer (Rockwell Automation)
  6. Rockwell Automation Arena (Rockwell Automation)
  7. Unity Pro (Schneider Electric)
  8. Schneider Electric SoMachine (Schneider Electric)
  9. Schneider Electric Vijeo Citect (Schneider Electric)
  10. ABB Freelance (ABB)
  11. ABB AC500 (ABB)
  12. ABB Control Builder (ABB)
  13. Honeywell Experion (Honeywell)
  14. Honeywell ControlEdge (Honeywell)
  15. Honeywell UniSim (Honeywell)
  16. GX Works3 (Mitsubishi Electric)
  17. FX3U (Mitsubishi Electric)
  18. CX-Programmer (Omron)
  19. Proficy Logic Developer (GE Industrial)
  20. TwinCAT (Beckhoff)
  21. FieldMate (Yokogawa)

This is just a sample list of PLC manufacturers and software products. There are many other options available, so it is worth doing some research to find the best fit for your needs.

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