Mitsubishi Electric is releasing a 3D simulator called MELSOFT Gemini

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Mitsubishi Electric is releasing a 3D simulator called MELSOFT Gemini

3D digital twin simulation will improve quality while streamlining the design and construction of manufacturing facilities.

Mitsubishi 3D Simulation software Gemini
Mitsubishi 3D Simulation software Gemini


TOKYO, 29 MAR 2022 – Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today that the “MELSOFT Gemini” 3D simulator will be released on April 28. The simulator will speed up the design and construction of manufacturing facilities by using digital space to simulate and verify envisioned production operations in a three-dimensional environment. MELSOFT Gemini will visualize, simulate, and aid expedite manufacturing work processes ranging from facility design through operation and maintenance by linking to a variety of software and industrial devices.
Because of the recent epidemic, human mobility and face-to-face communication have been restricted, making it difficult for manufacturers to set up and maintain production facilities. Meanwhile, demand for factory digital transformation is increasing in the manufacturing industry. These industrial trends have put a spotlight on the usage of digital space to solve various production site concerns. MELSOFT Gemini can assist in resolving such challenges and streamlining procedures by simulating the functioning of industrial facilities in digital space before they are built and operated in the real world.
Mitsubishi Electric will use digital technology to give value to customers throughout their manufacturing lifecycle in the future.


Mitsubishi 3D Simulation software Gemini
Mitsubishi 3D Simulation software Gemini

Product Features

1)Production facility digitization in 3D for quick verification

MELSOFT Gemini uses a PC-based 3D digital space to simulate the operation and control of production lines and equipment, allowing for digital verification before the actual equipment and lines are launched. To simulate the control of devices such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and motion controllers, MELSOFT Gemini interfaces to MELSOFT simulators, which are available separately as part of the “MELSOFT iQ Works” software package (Servos). When a mistake is discovered during the verification process, facility engineers can look at the PLC sequence programme and evaluate displays of operational waveforms and/or video data to determine the state of the intended production facility.

According to Mitsubishi Electric as of March 29, 2022, MELSOFT Gemini links directly to the MELSOFT simulator and industrial devices without the need for an OPC server, allowing 3D data to be updated in digital spaces 12 times faster than in OPC environments. Detailed checks for potential operational influence can also help to reduce the requirement for rework while simultaneously improving quality.

The causes of abnormal occurrences in the production line can be promptly detected utilizing visual data presented to line operators using MELSOFT Gemini during the operation and maintenance phases.

2)A wide range of hardware options as well as graphical and statistical capabilities for in-depth analysis The supporting hardware menu (e-catalog) includes around 2,500 different types of various production equipment, including as robots, conveyors, processing machines, and more, that may be integrated in a simulated 3D production facility by simple drag-and-drop operation. On the 3D screen, many parameters can be simply adjusted to modify the configuration of the production line.

Line, area, bar, and circle graphs can be utilized to view and interpret simulation data on various production rates, assisting in the development of extra-efficient production lines. Equipment status, production task duration, worker wait time, and other variables can all be statistically measured and displayed using graphs to detect varied production yields and operating rates, allowing lines to be planned and improved efficiently.

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