Nexgenie PLC Features & Specifications

Nexgenie PLC Features & Specifications

Nexgenie PLC is a compact and genius PLC suitable for small size machine control

Nexgenie PLC Features
Nexgenie PLC Features

Highlighting Features Nexgenie PLC

1. Variety of base units and expansion units to choose from onboard digital inputs, analog  inputs and digital outputs (transistor and relay) 
2.     Up to 4 expansion units to expand up to 80 digital I/Os’ maximum 
3.     Configurable digital inputs in the base unit 
·         Up to 6 single phase counters with software direction and start/stop control.4 counters (I00, I01, I03, I04) up to 20 KHz and 2 counters (I02, I05) up to 5KHz 
·        Up to 2 Quadrature ABZ encoders 
·        Encoder interface supports up to 10 KHz input frequency on individual phase. 
·         Additionally all high speed inputs can be individually configured for Hardware input interrupt .
·        Frequency measurement function (time period measurement with 1μs resolution) up to 5 KHz input frequency.
      4. Provides 1 Pulse Train Output channel (pulse and direction)
• 24 VDC source type 
• Output frequency from 1 Hz to 2000 Hz
5. Supports interrupt events to provide fast and predictable response to external events from the field such as. digital input interrupt, counter count match, etc
·         One periodic interrupt event with 0.5/ 1 ms resolution. Periodic interrupt can be set from   0.5/ 1ms to 1250/2500 ms.
·         Up to 4 high speed counter compare interrupts
·         Up to 6 hardware input rising edge and falling edge interrupts
·         Pulse Train Output compare interrupt and Pulse Train Output done interrupt.
6. Two serial ports
• Port 1 / PG Port (RS232/485) with modem interface
• Port 2 (RS232/422/485) with modem interface
7. Transistor outputs with short circuit protection
8. Built-in Real Time Clock
9. Optional Visual Access Window (VAW) for monitoring and setting PLC data, display machine status and fault status
• 128 x 64 pixel graphics LCD with white backlit
• 4 system keys
• Supports text and graphical symbols

10. PLC input power is 24 VDC

11. Common programming platform i.e. Windows based IEC 61131-3 compatible   PLC programming software CoDeSys.

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