FIX has been delivering solutions to customers in nearly every industry and every corner of the globe for decades. GE Intelligent Platforms has continued to invest heavily in the  updates and improvements that keep iFIX delivering on what our customers need the most – even as their businesses have changed over that time.  The robust iFIX SCADA engine makes it ideally suited to process-oriented

applications requiring consistent performance and known response times. It provides advanced 21 CFR Part 11 capabilities for regulated industries. Based on an advanced Client/Server distributed and open architecture, it easily and quickly integrates with your existing operation and offers a broad range of additional features.

And with iFIX, we’ve delivered an HMI/SCADA solution that can help you shorten development time, improve ease of use and maximize the performance of new or existing systems.

What’s New?

  • Windows Vista support for leading edge 24-bit graphics
  •  Integrated Change Management functionality for easier application maintenance, version control and disaster recovery
  •  Multi-screen / multi-instance displays to speed development time
  •  More power – with double the number of clients on a single SCADA
  •  Enhanced Dynamo management that can help you update simplify and improve your screen setup
  •  Advanced customization tools for OEMs and large end users

  •   Simplified development and deployment, with the industry’s most powerful toolset and Dynamo library
  •   Part of an integrated enterprise, as the foundation for the Proficy software family
  •   Unprecedented integration capabilities with GE Intelligent Platforms and third party systems – open system design protects your current investments
  •   Superior functionality, providing actionable visibility to monitor and control plant  processes, equipment and resources
  •   Rapid return on investment
  •   A safe investment strategy, with compatibility to legacy and emerging technologies. 
  •   Electronic Signatures and Audit trails to drive compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and other regulations

iFIX Productivity Packs
Productivity Packs are product enhancements for GE Intelligent Platforms HMI/SCADA customers. They are comprised of utilities, graphic objects, drivers and database tools that provide valuable enhancements to your application and are delivered independently of a major product release. Productivity Pack items are provided free to all GlobalCare Complete customers and are posted to the GE Intelligent Platforms Global Care website in the “Developer Download” section.

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