RSLinx Tutorial | Configuring the Ethernet Driver

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RSLinx Tutorial | Configuring the Ethernet Driver

The Ethernet driver is used to make a connection to Ethernet Devices, such as an Ethernet PLC-5, or a ControlLogix system.  The following steps will walk you through a sample configuration of the Ethernet driver in RSLinx. 
1)    Open RSLinx communication server

RSLinx Tutorial | Configuring the Ethernet Driver
RSLinx Tutorial | Configuring the Ethernet Driver

2)    Click ‘Communication’ on the menu bar, and then choose ‘Configure



3)     From the Available driver types pull down menu, choose ‘Ethernet Drives’, then press the ‘Add New’ button.


4)    For this example, the name can be left at default.  Press OK.


5)     Populate the list of
hostnames.  If you do not have a way to resolve host names, you can enter the IP address of the devices you wish to connect to (as shown below in the example).
The IP address for each device can usually be obtained from the network administrator, drawings, the off line project, or in some cases, the IP address
is displayed on the front of the module.


Press Apply, then OK.  You will see the driver is now running.
Close the ‘Configure Drivers’ screen.


To test your drivers, click the RSWho icon in the tool bar of RSLinx.


Click the Ethernet Driver (the one you just configured) on the left side of the screen. The devices you are communicating with will appear on the right.  In this example, is a ControlLogix module, and the other devices are not present, or not a recognized PLC module.

9)    To go on line with a PLC, you must go to RSLogix at this point.


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