Siemens LOGO PLC Ladder Programming Tutorial

Siemens LOGO PLC Ladder  Programming Steps

Following are Step by Step instruction to Program Siemens Logo PLC


Siemens LOGO PLC Ladder Programming
Siemens LOGO PLC Ladder Programming
Siemens Logo PLC

Click on “Siemens LOGO

Click on “siemens rse

Click on “StartLOGOComfort”

You will find the work pad where you have to write FBD programme
Use “menus” given at the top and bottom to develop a FBD programme.
Find Tools toolbar, Standard toolbar, Menu bar and Status bar.
Entering a New program :

Click on “File
Create a program using Toolbars and Function blocks (Constants, General and Special functions)
• You can then place any of those functions on the drawing board simply by clicking on the drawing board in the desired position. The function on the extreme left is selected by default but you can select any of the others by clicking them with the mouse.
• It is not necessary to position the objects precisely at this point.
• To complete the circuit, the individual blocks have to be linked with one another. To do so, you choose the Link button on the tools toolbar.
• Give the label and block comments to complete the documentation of the program.

When PLC program is ready…

Then “Simulate” the program using menu at the bottom.
Save” the programme if it is ok or edit it.
Set the path for down loading your program to the PLC.
Click on “Tools
Select “COM1” port for communication from PC to PLC and vice versa.
Click on “OK
Then  “Download” the programme to PLC using red downward arrow at the top menu.
If takes some time to make a file that is suitable for downloading
Verify the logic with help on I/O simulation module.
Try for more programmes…

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