SIEMENS S7 PLC 1200 to SIEMENS AC Drive G120 Communication on Industrial Ethernet/Profinet Protocol

SIEMENS S7 PLC 1200 to SIEMENS AC Drive G120 Communication on Industrial Ethernet/Profinet Protocol Steps for the PLC to Drive communication.

1. Using SIEMENS TIA portal software first we will configure hardware of the PLC and will assign IP address (You can define any IP address which can’t conflict).
2. From TIA hardware Catalog we will select Control Unit SIEMENS G120 Drive module as per exact hardware Serial no.
Catalog/Other Devices /Profinet IO/Drives/Siemens AG/SINAMICS/ SINAMICS G120 CU250S 2 PN Vector V4.6
(If you didn’t find same hardware in catalog then you need to integrate GSD file in this TIA, for more info please search on Siemen’s website for GSD )
SIEMENS S7 PLC 1200 to SIEMENS AC Drive G120 Communication on Industrial Ethernet/Profinet Protocol
SIEMENS S7 PLC 1200 to SIEMENS AC Drive G120 Communication on Industrial Ethernet/Profinet Protocol


3. Then we will connect both the device PLC and Drive module with PN/IE subnet. Please note that the IP address given to PLC and Drive control unit must be different and in same subnet.
4. Now we will add standard telegram with Drive control module from the network view in TIA.
Standard Telegram The communication to a SINAMICS G/S system in TIA Portal can be realized by using technology objects or predefined function blocks with a closed structure and also with standard communication functions which are using predefined PLC data types.
 PLC data types UDT – user defined data type are relating a structured data type by using unlike kinds of standard data types like BOOL, INT, WORD, … The PLC data types – used as a telegram type – describes and names only the denotation of the data which are sent between a PLC and a drive. By choosing the similar typical telegram in the drive, the PLC data type defines the data interface to the SINAMICS drive.
There are no of telegram available in TIA bur from there we will only select 2/2 PZD standard telegram because every telegram have input and output status word or we can say control status word. So it can be defined as 2/2 means 2 input word and 2 output word.
So in our case we need two control status word one we will use for boolien operation like ON-OFF and one status word we will use for analog signal like varying the speed of drive.
Here we are getting two input address 68 and 71 and two output address 64 and 67 that we can change.
So using this output status word we will send different command to G120 SIEMENS AC drive control module and as per command it will execute the operation.
Now we will see how this command is executed in control module.
So this is the table for control status word for SIEMENS SINAMICS G120 drive to PLC communication.
Its total 16 bit control status word and as per the function we will get hex code with combination of total 16 bit.
So we can see from the table that if you want ON Enable command from PLC so we need to send 16#47E hex code to drive control status word QW64 as per addressing of standard telegram.
Same for the Run command we need to send the hex code 16#47F to same control status word QW64.
For the different operation like OFF2 OFF3 , reverse command you can send hex code to control status word.
For speed change we should use second control status word QW66.
After making programming as per logic or application just download program to PLC , please note that PLC and Drive must be connected with Profinet/Industrial Ethernet cable.
After download this program you will get error in drive so just acknowledge all error by pressing Push wheel given in IOP and from the wizard go for search by parameter and search no P1000.
Assign value 6 in P1000 and same assign value 6 in P700. These both parameters are for active the field bus in Drive unit.
Once drive is ready with commissioning you can send the hex code by enable the digital signal from PLC , so move block will send the code to control status word and drive will run as per command.
Please Check Video for More Details.

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