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Top 10 Industrial Automation Companies in USA

PLC Tutorial Point looked at companies that do a lot of business in industrial automation to create our top 10 list, which we then estimated using market capitalization.

The top four companies on our list—GE, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Danaher, and Emerson—can be said to dominate the industrial automation market in the US.

Company information and a list of automation companies

  1. General Electric

Gas and steam turbines, engines, generators, high voltage equipment, power generation services, platforms for wind turbines, services for the hydropower sector, oilfield services, oilfield equipment, turbomachinery, process solutions, digital solutions, and more are all provided by General Electric. built in 1892.

  1. Thermo Fisher Scientific

For the pharmaceutical, environmental, biotechnology, academic, government, and research and industrial markets, Thermo Fisher Scientific provides equipment, supplies, software, and services for use in the lab, on the assembly line, and in the field. Built in 1956.

  1. Danaher Corporation

The biopharmaceutical, food and beverage, microelectronics, medical, aerospace, and general industrial sectors can all benefit from the filtration, separation, and purification technologies provided by Danaher Corporation.

Provides equipment, services, software, and consumables for packaging, printing, coding, marking, and traceability applications for consumer, pharmaceutical, and industrial products. Disinfection systems are also provided to analyse, treat, and manage water in residential, industrial, commercial, and natural resource applications. Established in 1969.


Emerson provides software, measurement and analytical equipment, valves, actuators, regulators, industry services and solutions, process control systems and solutions, digital plant solutions, services for the climate control industry, commercial and industrial refrigeration, compressors, thermostats, monitoring equipment, and electronic controls for gas and electric heating systems, gas valves for furnaces and water heaters, ignition systems, and more. Built around 1890.

      5.Rockwell Automation

Among the control platforms offered by Rockwell Automation are controllers, electronic operator interface devices, electronic input/output devices, communication and networking products, industrial computers, industrial visualization and process control software, manufacturing execution systems, information solution software to increase productivity and meet regulatory requirements, sensors, machine safety components, linear motion control products, motor starters, and motor and c motors. Built in 1903.

  1. Ametek

Ametek offers data acquisition units, power supplies, monitoring systems, fuel and fluid measurement systems for the aerospace industry, uninterruptible power supplies, programmable power equipment, electromagnetic compatibility test equipment, sensors for gas turbines, dashboard instruments for heavy trucks and other vehicles, instrumentation and controls for the food and beverage industries, and precision power supplies. Built in 1930.

  1. Mettler-Toledo

The food processing and packaging, pharmaceutical, packaged consumer goods, and other industries employ end-of-line product inspection systems from Mettler-Toledo. Industrial solutions include product inspection systems, vehicle scale systems, automatic dimensional measurement and data capture solutions, industrial software, and industrial weighing instruments and terminals. built in 1991.

  1. Flowserve

Equipment for industrial flow management is produced by Flowserve. provides submersible motors, industrial isolation and control valves, custom and engineered industrial pumps and pump systems, mechanical seals, controls, auxiliary systems, automation solutions, actuation, and related equipment. Built in 1912.

  1. National Instruments

LabVIEW, a widely used piece of measurement, automation, and control software, is available from National Instruments.

Additionally, provides software for FGPAs, wireless prototyping, test and control application development, test and measurement application configuration in a manufacturing environment, real-time testing application configuration, technical data management, analysis, and report generation tools, monitoring critical and auxiliary rotating equipment, circuit design software, and systems management software.

Produces hardware products such as data acquisition, PXI chassis and controllers, image acquisition, modular instruments, motion control, distributed I/O, industrial communications interfaces, general purpose interface bus interfaces, embedded control hardware/software, and VME extension for instrumentation controllers, as well as related driver software. Built in 1976.

  1. MKS Instruments

The two largest international businesses, Honeywell and Siemens, compete fiercely for market share in the US factory automation industry. The top 10 list was created by looking at companies having sizable industrial automation business, and then ranking them using market capitalization. It’s interesting to note that Japan is home to four of the top 10.

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