An IPL game is now worth a record INR 105 crore (USD 13.44 million) making it - in terms of value per match - the second-most lucrative sporting product in the entire world, behind only the NFL (USD 35.07 million*).

The combined sum bid so far is INR 38,850 crore (USD 4.97 billion) - that is INR 21,090 crore (USD 2.7 billion) for Package A (TV rights for India sub-continent) and INR 17,760 crore (USD 2.27 billion) for Package B (digital for India subcontinent)

These numbers are based on there being 74 games per season in the next five-year rights cycle starting in 2023. As it stands, the IPL has overtaken the Premier League, whose value per match, as per the 2022-25 rights, is listed at USD 11.34 million**.

For Package A the per match base price is INR 49 crore (USD 6.3 million). For Package B it is INR 33 crore (USD 4.2 million) per match. For Package C it is INR 16 crore (USD 2.05 million) per match. For Package D it is INR 3 crore (USD 390,000).

The combined figure - INR 105 crore - is already 93.6% higher than the per match value in the previous IPL rights deal (INR 54.23 crore).

The bidders - Disney-Star, Sony, Viacom-Reliance, Zee, Fun Asia, Super Sport and Times Internet - will resume the auction on Tuesday 11 am IST.

Once the highest bidder for Packages A and B are determined, the auction process for Packages C & D will commence. All USD values are approximations where 1 USD = 78 INR